wardrobe consultation

Do you look in your wardrobe and think, ‘I have nothing to wear?’

If so, why not book one of my ‘Dress with Style’  wardrobe consultations?

I will edit your wardrobe and show you how to  recreate outfits from your existing wardrobe collection. As a result, it can actually save you money as you’ll discover outfits you never knew you even had just by effectively mixing and matching  with the right items of clothing. We will also look at colour combinations that work for you  and work on ways to bring them to life in  your wardrobe.

In addition, I will give you a list of what additional items of clothing and accessories you need to fully complete your wardrobe and make it more functional for your daily styling needs. I will also  recommend shops and online sites for you to expand your wardrobe where necessary. Wardrobe consultations are tailored to suit your needs so that YOU get the maximum from the experience.

Let me help you reinvigorate your wardrobe-contact me now  to see how I can help.


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‘I highly recommend Nicola to anyone who wants clarity and freshness in their wardrobe. Thanks Nicola!’  Nicky, Brisbane