A big thank you to all of my wonderful clients who have taken the time to write a testimonial about their personal styling consultations, it was an absolute pleasure to be part of your style evolution.Nicola

Client testimonial

“ Thanks you so much for our shopping session yesterday. I had a lot of fun and learned a great deal from it. I was really pleased with the session and felt you listened to me brief perfectly. As you know, my consultation was a Xmas gift from my husband and I can safely say it was one of the BEST presents I have ever received! “     Kym, Brisbane

“ Thanks very much for your time last week. It was a really great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent going through my wardrobe and then shopping for items-a real treat. The personalised style guide is great and something that I can refer to in the future. You will be pleased to hear that I have completed a major cull of my wardrobe items and will now find it so much easier to match the items remaining. Thanks again Nic!”   Pat, Brisbane

‘Nicola was incredibly encouraging and made the whole process fun. The information and clothing education that comes with the styling session is so helpful; it will make future purchases easier as I will know how to make appropriate choices that I will actually wear instead of them just hanging up a on coat hanger! Thanks so much Nicola. I feel more confident about making future choices and happier with the way I look in the clothes I can wear on weekends, and dates! ‘     Kerry, Brisbane

A great personalised way to learn to dress for your body shape and reinvigorate your style. Perfect for the time poor, Nicola takes all the work out of shopping – from sifting through the sales, to finding the best outfits for your body. She offers a comprehensive and professional service!  Thanks Nic!’     Mier, Brisbane

‘I have always been a bit of a mismatched dresser so it was great to have someone show me ideas that suited my body shape. I enjoyed how Nicola could push me out of my clothing comfort zone, while still making me feel comfortable. She picked out dresses that I would never have chosen myself but they looked great once I put them on! She really knows fashion.’ Bridget, Brisbane

‘My wardrobe was overflowing and I hated all my clothes, then I got Nicola in for a wardrobe edit. Nicola really helped me work out what deserved to stay and what needed to go. She took the time to understand my style and my shape and what worked. Now, although I got rid of a full garbage bag of clothes, I feel like I have heaps more to wear and I feel more confident that everything in there suits me. I highly recommend Nicola to anyone who wants clarity and freshness in their wardrobe. Thanks Nicola!’ Nicky, Brisbane

‘The consultation with Nicola completely met my expectations. It was just what I wanted: time efficient, easy and fun! I came away with a couple of new purchases and some new ideas. I would definitely recommend a consult even if you think you’ve got your style sorted.’ Sue, Brisbane

‘Nicola really helped pull my wardrobe together – showing me how to mix and match clothes that I’ve bought over the years. I was also in a bit of a ‘style rut’ – shopping for the same type of clothes year in and year out. She was able to recommend cuts and styles that would suit my body shape, things that I hadn’t thought to try on before.’ Nerolie, Brisbane

book a consultation copy‘I was so pleased with the help and advice that Nicola gave me. I had never been confident in putting looks together and my wardrobe was so cluttered with ill-chosen pieces it was difficult to see how anything could work together. But with Nicola’s gentle encouragement – and guidance – I was able to discard the unflattering items and create great outfits I never knew I had – just by mixing and matching!

It was so much fun rediscovering neglected clothes and accessories and knowing I would finally be able to use them. Before the assessment I had been worried that I would need to spend lots of money on new things. 

recommend nicola

But by the end, although I had far fewer clothes …  I had many more outfits to wear!! Thank you so much Nicola for shedding light onto my dull wardrobe and helping me create a great new look.’ Sara, England

‘Nicola helped me sort through the good the bad and the ugly! She was very professional with some great ideas and suggestions, helping me to get through the confusion and mess in my wardrobe. Nicola had some great tips and I felt confident in her approach to helping me through this process.’ Tanya, Brisbane 

‘Thank you for conducting the shopping consultation (gift voucher purchase) on my friend yesterday. She loved the experience  and was very appreciative. I’m sure you will hear from us in the near future, we will be recommending you to everyone. Perhaps I’ll be next ! All the best to you, and thanks again.’ Mikki, Brisbane