1freeimage-2985786Do you find shopping  a chore?

Maybe you’re not sure what suits your body shape or perhaps spend hours around the shops and still come home with nothing?

If so, my personal shopping  consultation service is just what you need!

After filling in a questionnaire and talking to you about it , I will conduct a ‘pre-shop’ prior to your shopping consultation day based on your styling needs and lifestyle.  A day or so later we will then go around the shops together and I will show you what items I recommend for you and then we’ll visit additional shops together to select some other items based on your previous questionnaire and my pre-shop. There is absolutely no obligation to buy, but if you do, then that has to be a good thing for your wardrobe I would say! What you will gain from your experience is a greater awareness of what to shop for to suit you and your body shape and lifestyle needs while having fun at the same time!

As a result, your shopping experience with me is guaranteed to be a most memorable one!

Nicola xx 

 ‘The consultation with Nicola was just what I wanted: time efficient, easy and fun! I came away with a couple of new purchases and some new ideas. I would definitely recommend a consult even if you think you’ve got your style sorted.’ Sue, Brisbane

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‘Nicola was able to recommend cuts and styles that would suit my body shape, things that I hadn’t thought to try on before.’  Nerolie, Brisbane