Summer is still very much with us here in Australia, so if you are looking at buying new swimwear (togs, swimsuit, swimming costume, bikini, tankini…whatever you wish to call them is fine by me!), here are a few guidelines to look out for to ensure your purchase is the right one rather than a  waste of money.

1. Colour -to enhance or camouflage, that is the question

If you are looking at buying a bikini or a tankini (a fuller two-piece), many stores now sell tops and bottoms separately so  remember darker colours will camouflage whereas brights will accentuate. So, for example, if you have a big bottom and don’t want that part of the body accentuated, then go dark in that area but maybe go brighter on top if you are smaller busted. It all depends on what you want emphasised and what you want concealed…the choice is yours.

2. Allow time to try it on to make sure it is a good fit

When buying swimwear, make sure the fit is right and take the time to do this. I would recommend generally going a size bigger than you usually wear to ensure straps do not dig into you and become uncomfortable. When trying the swimwear on ,move around a bit, stretch to check how it all feels and looks. Before buying it, double check again just to confirm it’s ok-do not rush this process. Things to look out for include checking coverage of the bum area , making sure the bra straps stay in place and making sure the leg openings are not too big or too tight.

3. Fabric can affect size appearance

When looking for a new swimming costume or bikini, be aware that a very shiny fabric could make you look larger whereas a matte fabric will be the most slimming. If you like shine but don’t want to appear bigger, then shop for a dark colour with a little bit of shine-just avoid the brights and shine combination if you can. Note, a ruched effect in swim wear can also be very flattering and is an effect which  you can mix with a bit of shine.


4. Details can attract attention to unwanted areas

Little details on swimwear like bows,  ties and belts  look very nice but be aware that wherever the specific detail is, that is where attention will be. As a result, if you have lots of detail around the bust area but it’s not an area that you want accentuated, then avoid buying swimwear with fancy details in that particular area. Instead, look for details on areas of the body where you are more than happy for the focus to be.

5. Prints can be both your friend and enemy

Prints on swimwear look great I think but they are not for everyone. Be aware that prints with a dark background are more slimming than a bright background (the same applies to dresses, pants and skirts) . In addition, all over patterns can be quite slimming in that the eye line does not just focus on one area.  Instead, it creates a  more holistic balance. Of course, bigger prints will always attract more attention than smaller prints, so this is another point to consider when purchasing swimwear.

So, to summarise, it’s all about what choices you make for your body shape and the look you want to create. The most important thing is to feel great about your look and to have fun putting together a beach or pool outfit in the process. I’ll come back to this topic in a later blog to cover other aspects of the complexities of buying swimwear. Any questions or comments on this topic are most welcome as always. Do you have any other guidelines to add to my list? Need help shopping for a swimsuit? Give me a call- I’d be more than happy to help.

In the meantime, happy styling!

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Summer is well and truly with us here in Australia-it’s a scorcher here in Brisbane today. Even if you’re in the N.  hemisphere, Summer will soon come around before you now it so how to keep cool and look cool too? That’s the focus of my blog today.

1. Double check your fabrics

Whenever I buy anything new or second hand, I’m instantly drawn to two things. Firstly, if I like it or not (of course!) and secondly,  the fabric. If the item I’m looking at is nice but pricey and the fabric is not a cooling one, then I generally won’t buy it. If, however, it’s a bargain, then I’ll let the fact that the fabric is not ideal pass. Good quality fabric always looks and feels nicer than the likes of polyester for example, and most importantly, keeps you cool too. Other fabrics to consider are silk, linen , bamboo and hemp.

 2. Use long scarves as sun protectors…and more

You know what it’s like, you want to keep cool but want to avoid getting sun burned at the same time-wearing just sleeveless tops or dresses just isn’t enough when it’s 30+ degrees outside. In addition, air conditioning is another factor to consider. Here in Australia it’s often like walking into a fridge so you may need something to take the chill off. However, cardigans and shawls are often too warm to wear this time of year so why not recycle a cotton scarf to do the job instead? It makes a cool and stylish accessory and a functional one too, even in Summer!

3. Be colour savvy

It’s a well known fact that darker colours are less cooling  but does it mean you have to avoid dark colours in Summer altogether? No-just choose carefully and link it to point 1 of this blog. You can still go for dark colours but if  you are going for black for example, make sure the fabric is a cooling one ideally. Colour is all relative so go for lighter tones of darkish shades if you have to but in an ideal world, those lighter or pastel shades will always be the most cooling on you.

4. Do an underwear check

Keeping cool in the Summer heat is not just about what you wear on the outside but what you wear underneath too. I recommend taking a look in your underwear drawer and checking your Summer lingerie. If you haven’t done a new underwear shop for a while, you may find some of the colours and fabrics are on the heavy side, which may affect how hot you feel on a warm day. Look through your Summer clothes at the same time and check what colour lingerie you need to complement your Summer wardrobe and go shopping . If  you can wear a lighter style of bra in terms of fabric/style and colour, then go for it. It will make a difference.

5. Look for ‘floaty’ styles

If you’re not a ‘shorts and tops’  kind of girl, which is ultimately one of the coolest clothing combinations (depending on the fabric), then look for alternatives in terms of your style of clothing. The coolest will be looser fitting tops, dresses or skirts, or what I call ‘floaty’ styles. Avoid tighter, more clingy styles of clothing to really reap the benefits of a ‘cool’ look.

6. Avoid heavy jewellery

I’m sorry to break the news to you but wearing heavy jewellery  eg costume jewellery and metallic pieces will not keep you very cool when it’s boiling hot and will sometimes cause rashes due to intense heat. Instead, try to go for lighter pieces,  non-metallic items or alternative accessories eg fashion watches, hair bands/clips  and/or fashionable sunglasses. In addition, remember handbags are also a great way to inject a burst of colour into an outfit without making you break into a sweat.

Ok, that’s it for now. Do you have any other clothes cooling tips that help you survive extreme temperatures? Any questions or comments, as always, are most welcome. Need help shopping for cool items? Then give me a call-I’d be more than happy to help.

In the meantime, happy (and cool) styling or warm styling if you are somewhere cold right now!

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How to dress on a budget

Hi there. Today’s blog is about a topic that a lot of my clients bring up-you want to look good but don’t necessarily have lots of cash to splash on clothes so how can you shop on a budget and still look good? So, in this blog I’m going to give you a few pointers to help you in this area.

1. Recycle what you already have in your wardrobe

In my job, I come across many clients who have a lot of things in their wardrobes but they don’t necessarily wear what’s inside it. Try reinventing old outfits just by adding a colourful cardigan or a jacket that you haven’t worn in ages. You’ll be amazed how you can easily re-create a new look just by bringing previously loved/worn items back to the surface!

2.Write a wardrobe inventory

Linked to point one,  writing a list of what you have in your wardrobe helps you to remember what is actually in your wardrobe, especially if your wardrobe is so vast that you can’t physically  see everything. This will also help you to avoid buying things you don’t need and will help you to keep  focus on what’s essential to buy to complete your wardrobe . On a similar theme, have a clean out of your wardrobe in between seasons or book a wardrobe consultation with me if you need assistance-I’m here to help!

3.Watch the calendar carefully

Be aware that when seasons are about to change, a lot of stores will have good sales on as they’ll have ‘old’ stock to get rid of before the new items come in. This is a fabulous time to go bargain hunting!

4. Wait for the trend pieces

If you like to keep up with fashion by  shopping for trends or accent pieces , remember these pieces are exactly that, ‘trend pieces’ so they won’t be ‘on trend’ forever. As a result, it’s not always a great idea to spend a lot of money on these pieces as you may well find you don’t end up wearing them that much. Instead, why not wait a couple of months?  The chances are, they’ll be on sale in no time at all!

5.The more ‘staples’ you have, the merrier!

‘Staples’ are your neutral toned  pants, skirts and tops so these are the things that will go with your trend/accent pieces. If you don’t have enough staples, you won’t have enough pieces to mix and match and as a result, you’ll keep shopping and possibly go above your budget. Instead, if you have enough neutrals, your clothes will ‘always have a friend to play with’ so to speak and you’ll comfortably stick to your budget .

6.Shop in charity shops

I’m a big fan of charity shops, aren’t  you? If not, really try to branch out and check out a few stores in your local area or check online and find an area with an abundance of these kinds of shops. Take a shopping list of things you need for your wardrobe and have fun picking up a bargain or two. If something is a real bargain but doesn’t fit properly, buy it and just take it to your local tailor to get altered or better still, alter it yourself to save even more money!!

7. Communicate with stores

Aside from the ‘between seasons’ sales cycle,stores nowadays seem to have sales popping up all the time so why not stay one step ahead and communicate with store managers by checking when their next reductions will be? Note it in your diary and be the first to snap up a bargain! Another good idea is to join mailing lists to get  sales information and you can get some great bargains via internet shopping , of course. In addition,  don’t forget to pick up any promotional vouchers that are offered to you but beware- make sure you’re not buying for the sake of  just spending money and because it’s ‘cheap’. Check your wardrobe inventory to see if you really need it too!

8.Shop for value and quality

Everyone loves a bargain but to really make the most of it, it needs to be something that you’ll actually wear to give you good value. In addition to value, a good bargain is something that is good quality too as it’ll last and therefore save you money in the long run. Common pieces in the ‘quality’ and ‘value’ categories will be your timeless pieces-a quality white shirt, a blazer and a pencil skirt , for example.

9.And finally…have fun hunting out the bargains

Yes, enjoy- but just make sure you stick within your budget if that’s what you need to do! :)

Need help in this area? Contact me now to book a shopping consultation.

Happy styling!

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So, it’s a New Year…2016, Where does the time go ? Many folk make resolutions at the start of  a new year….do you?  Many people I know focus on  diet, exercise and/or money but how about making some fashion and styling resolutions for the coming year as well? In this blog I’ll highlight my top 5 top  fashion/resolutions for the NY and maybe you will draw inspiration from some of them or perhaps it will inspire you to come up with a few styling related ones  of your own. Ok, so here goes!

2016 blog

1. Try out a different colour

Many of us tend to go for similar colours in our clothing and accessories but this year I’m going to try out some new tones. Generally speaking, I am a purple/deep pink/aqua /red kind of girl-I love all 4 of those hues and a lot of my wardrobe reflects exactly that. As a result, I’m going to try out something new this year, maybe persimmon , which combines desert orange with pink ( as shown below) , in order to inject a bit more life and vitality into my wardrobe. How about you-what colours do you generally go for and what new colour would you like to experiment with this year?

2.Try out a different style of clothing

As a personal stylist, I have very good awareness about what suits my body shape and what doesn’t. However, rules are there to be broken and there is absolutely nothing wrong in  experimenting with styles, especially if your wardrobe is quite ‘samey’ re what’s in it stylistically. Variety is the spice of life, and this expression can be applied to your wardrobe too. What kinds of styles do you tend to go for and what would you like to experiment with? For me, I’m thinking wider legged pants than I’d usually go for, similar to the ones pictured below….will keep you posted on how they look!

flared pants

3. Invest in a good bra

As I am not very big busted, I am pretty flexible in the kinds of bras that I buy. I often go more for style and colour rather than if it’s a ‘good’ one. This year I’m planning to get a professional bra fitting done and buy one good bra . As we age, this point becomes more significant I think and it’s certainly an area that I  tend to ignore unfortunately… about you?

4. Focus more on what clothes go well together rather than what matches

A tiny weakness of mine at times is to prioritise buying clothing that matches, rather than the attention being on what goes together, which is in fact the far more important factor when shopping. As a result, you’ll probably find you’ll have more items in your wardrobe to play around with in order to create extra outfits to wear…which in effect, will save you money :)

style tip jan 4

5. Spend less, wear more!

So, my resolutions do have some link to money after all.  I think many folk (myself included) often buy things they don’t need when it comes to clothing. Now, I’m not saying I’ll always buy what I need in 2016…because I know that is unrealistic but I plan to check my wardrobe more frequently, cull as necessary and as a result of applying point 2 as noted above, I’m hoping I will actually have more to wear by knowing my wardrobe well and experimenting more with combinations that go well together. Re-creating different ‘looks’ is a great way to make you feel as if you have a brand new outfit in your wardrobe without splashing the cash….and that’s got to be a bonus!

Ok, so they are my styling resolutions for 2016-what are yours? I’d love to hear which of mine have inspired you (if any)  and/or, which resolutions of your own you feel you need to adopt in the coming 12 months? Need help motivating yourself? Maybe I can help…why not check out my list of services here?

In the meantime, happy styling for 2016!

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Tips on Minimalist packing for a hot Summer’s break

A while ago I wrote a blog on minimalist packing for a short Winter’s break . Here in Australia, we are now at the start of Summer so, with holidays just around the corner for many folk, what to pack to keep the bags nice and light whilst  ensuring you have enough to wear while you’re away is a big consideration. Now of course there are  a number of points to consider, for example:

How long are you going to be away for?

Where are you going? Will it be hot most of the time?

What type of holiday is it- Varied terrain and activity based  or a beach style relaxation kind of break?

For the purpose of this blog I am basing it on my personal scenario. On Sat 12 Dec I’ll be flying to magnetic Island, Nth Q’land and I’ll be there for ten nights…This is all true and I simply cannot wait!! So for the purposes of this blog, this is a beach type kind of holiday as I know that this is a popular type of break around the Xmas holiday period here in Australia. So, what to pack?….we need to consider the following points.

1. Pack clothing to reflect how you’ll spend most of your holiday time

Think about what you are likely to be doing while you’re away.  Will you mainly be on the beach with a book? Are you likely to go out for fancy meals?  Will you be doing lots of bush walking  while you’re away? This will help to guide you to the priority pieces to pack. It doesn’t mean you can’t be spontaneous while away…just sensible in your packing!


Beautiful Straddie-own pic

2. Pack items that mix and match easily

As mentioned in my previous blog, this will allow you to re-create lots of different outfits easily and effectively and this principle also works well for  your Summer hols too . See it like having ‘friends to play with’ . If an item of clothing doesn’t have a  ’mate’, then don’t pack it!

Own clothing

Own clothing

3. Think light and practical

If it’s a beach holiday, you’ll only be needing cool and  light items, which are also ‘sun-smart’  plus a cardi/shrug to help you deal with cold air conditioning. Re how many light items, well you can wash clothes while you’re away so no need to pack 6 lots of everything….keep it simple.

Own kaftan(new) -Genson Style

Own kaftan (new) -’Genison Style’

4. More tops than ‘bottoms’

This point is most important to consider. As we sweat more from the upper body than the lower half, it makes absolute sense to pack more tops than pants, shorts and skirts…no need to have an equal amount of each.

Own tops-Sportsgirl and Kisu

Own tops-Sportsgirl and Kisu

5. A pair of neutral sandals and a dressy pair of shoes

What is a ‘reasonable’ amount of shoes to take on a ten day break or longer?  I think to work this out , you need to really consider point 1 as noted above. Yes, it’s nice to take lots of different styles and colours to look nice but, do you really need them and most importantly, do you have space for them? If the answer is ‘No’ , then go for the minimum by packing a neutral day pair of sandals…you won’t need anything too fancy for a beach holiday during the daytime no doubt . However, there is the evening to consider so one dressy pair is perfect. At a push, you could take two day-time pairs of sandals OR two ‘dressy’  pairs of shoes but that is the max. They weigh far too much to consider taking more!

6. Checklist-my suitcase

My minimalist packing  for my ten day beach holiday will  include the following:

x3 light day time tops

x1  shorts

x1 Summer pants

x1 1 dress-one that doesn’t need ironing !


a sarong (can double up as a dress or skirt!)

a long sleeved cotton kaftan for those very hot days (could be worn in a dressy way with leggings/pants for eve wear)

a dressy dress for evening wear OR a dressy top and skirt for eve wear ( one or the other)

a cardi or shrug for air conditioned cafes and restaurants

an everyday comfortable pair of sandals

an extra pair of sandals or wedges for evening wear ( flats weigh less than wedges though!)

a compact  umbrella for tropical rain…too hot for a rain coat!

a necklace and bracelet that will go with most things ( I simply can’t travel without  some accessories!)

Ok, so now all I need to do is stick to this when I pack for my Magnetic Isl trip…not always easy I know but I’ll certainly try my best to apply this or similar. As mentioned earlier on in the blog, what you pack largely depends on what you’ll be doing on your hols so do have a think in advance and plan around that-maybe write a list to guide you. Set yourselves a challenge-especially if packing lightly really is not your thing…I must admit, it doesn’t come naturally to me either!

What Summer items are ALWAYS in your suitcase? What can you simply not live without on your Summer break? Any comments or questions are most welcome! Need help sorting out your wardrobe for a forthcoming trip? Then why not book a wardrobe consultation with me?

If you’re off on your hols soon, happy holidays and happy styling :)

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Top 6 arm trimming strategies

Following on from my recent thigh trimming   and tummy trimming strategies posts , I am now focusing my attention on ways to create a slimmer look to the arms, as once again, this is an area that many of my clients have questions about. So, if you hate your arms and want ways to conceal the ‘tuck shop arm’ element or similar, then read on-this blog is for you!

1. Wear long sleeved tops/shirts

Now of course this may seem like a very obvious tip , but for many women,  it’s not always practical to wear long sleeves  depending on the climate and what you are doing etc..However, if you shop for cool fabrics like cotton,  linen or silk, then even long sleeves in Summer will be cooling and slimming. Darker tones will always be more slimming  rather than the full on ‘brights’ so that is something to consider too.

2. Wear bangles or bracelets

Arm accessories are great because they stop at the thinnest part of the arm ie, lower, which is where the eye line will be drawn to as a result. This will create a more slimming effect as that is the part of the arm where you want the focus to be. So ladies, what are you waiting for? -hit those shops now for some oh so stylish accessories!

3, Avoid capped sleeves

If you tend to shop for  capped sleeved tops  like the one  pictured below , you may need to change your habits a little as this type of top will actually make your arms look bigger- sorry to be the bearer of bad news! This is due to the fact that the sleeve finishes at the biggest part of the arm , ie the top, which is the exact area where you may not want the attention to be .

4. Shop for 1/2  or  3/4 length sleeves instead of capped

The principle here is to shop for tops that finish at the thinner part of the arm -and so the half way point , or  3/4  down the arm is exactly that.

5. Avoid extra tight or clingy tops

A very tight, clingy top will accentuate your arms, which will just make them look bigger. Instead apply the ‘skim, not cling’ principle for a more svelte look in the arm department.

6. Avoid large prints around the arm

Anything extra bold around the arms will make them look bigger so if you are a fan of prints, shop for smaller, less noticeable designs and colours  to give your arms a more slender look.

And one last point….if you have fabulously toned arms, then don’t forget to show them off! Even if you don’t have super arms, hey , if you feel comfortable and confident wearing sleeveless tops, then go for it!

Ok, so that’s all for now. Do you have any other little tips and tricks that work for your arms? If so, I’d love to hear them. As always, questions or comments are most welcome. Need help shopping for tops? Then give me a call- I’d be more than happy to help.

In the meantime, happy styling! :)

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Top 6 thigh trimming strategies

Following on from last week’s tummy trimming strategies blog , I bring you the next in the series with strategies to slim down the thighs. Many of my clients ask me about this, so I figured it would make sense to do a blog on this topic so…here goes!

1. The longer and darker  the pant the better

Shopping for fuller length trousers/pants will help slim the thighs more so than capri style or shorter. This is due to the fact that it is one continuous line, which will then camouflage the thigh area more effectively. If you go for shorter style pants, the thighs are a lot more noticeable as you have a break in the leg line so to speak. In addition, as stated before, darker tones are naturally more slimming.

2. Shop for shorter style tops

The one big ‘NO NO’ if you want to camouflage your thighs is to wear tops that hit at the fullest part of the thighs. Instead, go either a little shorter  or longer in your tops  than the thigh area to avoid totally highlighting the exact area you least want on show.

3. Go vertical

Shop for vertical lines in dresses and skirts and avoid horizontal lines across the thigh area at all costs, especially if they are thick horizontal lines! Vertical lines and paneling will always elongate the torso, which in effect, will create a slimmer look to the thighs.

4. Go with the flow

Shop for more ‘floaty’ kinds of dresses or skirts, the kinds that have flowy skirts rather than clingy style to camouflage the thighs beautifully.

5. Take a look at your shoes

If you have quite big thighs, it’s best to avoid chunky style shoes. Instead, shop for shoes with more of a pointy toe  and thin heels plus, the lighter the tone the better . In fact, a nude tone is just perfect! Chunky  or thick strappy  shoes will just make your thighs look bigger and create a rather stocky appearance to your legs.

6. Remember shape wear is your friend

I won’t harp on about this one as I mentioned it in my previous blog but it also applies to the thighs. Invest in some good quality shapewear and you’ll never look back!

Ok, we’ll leave it there for now. What other tips and tricks do you have to camouflage the thighs? Any comments or questions are always  most welcome! Need help shopping for trimming strategies? Then give me a call- I’d be more than happy to help out.

Until next time, happy styling :)

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Top 6 tummy trimming strategies

This week’s bog is all about the tummy. It’s that time of year in Australia where Summer is just around the corner , or feels like it is here already if you’re in Brisbane!! Many of my clients tell me they still feel quite sluggish this time of year as a result of  the aftermath of Winter warmer kind of food and comfort food indulgences. So, it’s time to get that Summer tummy look and we can do that in three ways-sensible eating, exercise and wearing the right kind of clothing to conceal your tum if you have one. Today, I will focus on the latter point-camouflaging through your clothing. So, let’s take a look at my top 6 ways to trim your tum with minimal effort :)

1. Wear ruched tops, skirts or  dresses

The ruching effect is a great way to hide the tummy area so look for this style  in tops, skirts and  dresses. Ruching creates a flattening effect around the tummy area and as a result, will conceal the tummy area beautifully. Twist and draping detail is another effective way to hide the tummy, as demonstrated via the image below.

2. Go dark

If your tummy is a bit of a problem area then try to avoid brights in the lower part of your body as they will just make you look bigger. Instead, go darker with your pants and skirts but brighter on top, especially if you are smallish in the chest area.

3. Look for an empire line cut in dresses

This cut is perfect if you have a bit of a tummy as it cuts you at the smallest point, just under the bust line,  and then skims over the tummy area, which creates a great  camouflaging effect. This style of dress is very comfortable too so style plus comfort equals a winning combination.

4. Shop for mid-high rise trousers or jeans

This style of pant is the most flattering as it tends to suck in the tummy nicely, and as a result, your ‘muffin top’ disappears just like magic to create a much flatter line around that area.

5. Shop for scarves, earrings and necklaces

Something simple like wearing eye-catching accessories can really help to draw the eye line up towards the face and neck area, and away from the tummy area. As a result, you’ll have the attention on the upper body so that the tummy area is not so noticeable. Experiment with your accessories-go bold if you dare!!

6. Buy good shape wear

If you haven’t tried this kind of underwear already, do so…You’ll be amazed at the results. There is a great range available now and mostly quite affordable too. Perfect way to flatten the tummy line for sure.

Ok, I’ll leave it there for now. Do you have any other strategies that work for you?  As always,  questions or comments are most welcome. Next time I’ll take a look at another ‘Top body trimming strategies’ area. Any preferences? I’m open to suggestions! Need help shopping for your body shape? Then give me a call, I’d love to help you out!

Until next time, happy styling :)

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Spring is definitely here in Australia, which can mean just one thing-it’s the Spring racing carnival season!! For many of us this gives us a great excuse to get dressed up, put our best shoes on, have a glass of champers or two  and meet up with friends for a jolly good time- oh , and have a flutter  if you like! We are just  a few days away from the Melbourne  Cup so if you are going to an event, no doubt you’ll have lots to think about regarding what to wear. So, we are moving on  to think about last minute hats this week to complete your look so let’s take a look at some general guidelines that may help you choose the perfect one :)

1. Face shape

The shape of your face can help you make a decision over which hat to buy but I wouldn’t let  this principle totally control you. Try to gauge what style of hat looks good on you, trust your instincts here and take a friend along with you to help you decide. Some general face shapes to think about though are:

Oblong- Wider brimmed hats will look great on you!;

Round- Small brim will be best for you;

Square- An upturned brimmed hat will look cool;

Heart-shaped-Fascinators on the side of the head is a great took for your face shape and these are also a good alternative if you don’t really like hats.  If you’re looking for great designs then check out whitebea and you’ll also find them on pinterest. You’ll find they have good prices, some great styles and colours and  best of all, the items can be posted to you! In addition, they are lovely Brisbane ladies so it’s good to support small businesses I always think!


Oval-Pretty much any shape of hat will look stunning on you!

2. All black 

If your outfit is just black, then go bold with your hat. Try to shop for something which will really stand out and give you a real ‘statement’ look.

3. Colour/print outfits

If you have lots of different colours or prints in your outfit , you can either shop for a hat in a neutral tone  or select just one colour from your outfit and highlight that in your hat. It could be a subtle colour from your outfit, which could then be exaggerated via the tone of your hat. If your outfit is one block colour then  a multi- patterned hat would be good or a contrasting colour that contrasts well with your outfit. Eg, a cobalt blue dress with a pink hat; A purple dress with a green hat; a black and white dress with a yellow hat.

4. Don’t over-do the accessories 

Got a great hat, shoes,dress and bag? Then that’s all you need to complete your outfit. I see many women over-accessorizing but if you have a fabulous statement hat, then that’ll be enough.

5. Great outfit; equally great hat

My last point is about getting it right in all areas related to your racing outfit. There is nothing worse than using a  hat to try to rescue a really terrible outfit. If you’re unsure, keep it simple, go with colours you’ve been complemented on in the past and most of all, have a fabulous day! Planning a post Melbourne cup party and need help shopping for the event? Then give me a call- maybe I can help out at short notice.

If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any cool hats in your wardrobe? Do you enjoy wearing hats for special occasions or is it something you do your best to avoid? What hat are you wearing next Tuesday?

In the meantime, happy styling and happy Melbourne Cup Day for next week!


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Yes, ladies ( and gents) it’s almost that time of year again when the fashions on the field go crazy and you have an excuse to really put on your glad rags, heels ( maybe?) , grab a bottle of champagne and have loads of fun with family and friends, whilst having a bit of a flutter at the same time! Even if you’re not a big gambling person, it’s a great excuse to dress up and have fun with friends. Here are my top 7   tips to ensure your day goes stylishly smoothly in the fashion department on the big racing  day in a month’s time!

1. Wear stylish but comfortable shoes

Ladies, I’m not saying wear your ballet flats ( although you could in theory- there are some fab styles around these days!) but full on high stilettos are no good for a day at the races either. Instead, opt for a heel that is a ‘comfortable’ height yet stylish too eg, Kitten , wedges. or lower mini stiletto heels, like the ones below.

2. Watch the hemline

Ladies, you want to create a sophisticated look on race day and if your hemline is too short, sophistication goes out of the window. On the other hand, you do not want to look dowdy by wearing something that is way too long so strike a happy medium here. Knee length is good or just above if you have great legs or are on the short side.

3. Go for a ‘stand-out’ colour

The Spring carnival racing season is about fashion and colour so if there’s one day of the year to really go for it, this is it. Now if you’re not really into brights, that’s ok as there are some stunning tones for this season so you can still stand out in the fashions on the field whether you’re in brights or more subdued tones.  See colours for the season below- which is your favourite? The main thing is to have some colour in your outfit or at the very least, inject colour via accessories eg, bag or shoes.

4.Wear shapewear

If you’re wearing a dress or a tight skirt and top that is  just a little bit clingy, shop for shapewear to help you create a more streamline look. This applies to all sized women, even the petite size 8s like myself. If you look and feel great, you’ll simply ooze confidence at the same time.

5.Come prepared for the weather!

It’s Spring so the weather can be a little temperamental to say the least so dress accordingly! Now, I don’t mean  you should bring your hiking raincoat of course. Instead, think ‘stylish layering’-a handbag sized umbrella to compliment your outfit and a cute little bolero style cardigan or little jacket  for when it gets chilly. Make sure they are easy to carry and/or small enough to fit into your handbag perhaps. At least then, no matter what the weather is doing, you’re still going to look super!

6. Wear a hat or a headpiece/fascinator

Not everyone is a ‘hat person’ but I strongly recommend getting into the ‘spirit of the hat’ on this special occasion. Spend a couple of weeks before the day experimenting with different looks by grabbing  a girlfriend and making a day out of it around the shops-you’ll have a lot of fun along the way too! If hats really aren’t your thing, a fascinator is the next best thing. Go bold; go different…. if you dare! If you have one statement piece via your hat, then you don’t need to go bold in your accessories.

7.Feel great in what you wear and have fun

Remember it’s no good buying an outfit if it doesn’t make you feel fabulous so take your time in choosing your outfit-it’ll be worth it in the end. Need help shopping for an outfit? Then let me shop with you.

What’s the most stylish outfit you’ve ever worn to the races? Any stories of fashion disasters on the field?  As always, comments and questions are most welcome :)

In the meantime, happy styling!

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