Following on from my post on wearing skirts to flatter body shape features, this week’s will focus on trousers /pants as once again, it’s an area that many of my clients ask me questions about. Just like my previous post, I’ll try and keep it quite simple so that hopefully it will serve as a quick reference guide when you are out shopping. Ok, so here goes!

1. Boot-cut pants

Perfect for:

  • balancing out broad shoulders
  • balancing out wide hips and thighs
  • a flat bottom (this style tends to be fitted in the backside region)
  • long torsos
  • many body shapes!

2. Wide-legged pants

Perfect for:

  • concealing a full mid-section
  • creating an elongating effect-will make you look taller
  • hiding a large bottom
  • apple and pear body shapes

3. High-waisted /straight pants

Perfect for:

  • tall and straight body shapes
  • defining a slim tummy
  • a flat bottom
  • to suck in a slight muffin top
  • long-waisted torsos

4. Cigarette pants

Perfect for:

  • petite frames
  • short frames (cut usually hits just below the ankle)
  • wearing with looser tops to hide tummy ( especially if you’re not a really  petite frame)
  • low waisted torsos (pants often sit on hips)

5. Cropped pants

Perfect for:

  • longer legged frames
  • wearing with heels
  • note- shop for longer style capris, avoid the styles that cut you off at the widest part of the leg!
  • hour glass frames (slight flare can really highlight your existing curves)

6. Biker/utility pants

Perfect for:

  • petite frames
  • boyish frames
  • adding more shape to the leg and bum areas
  • creating necessary bulk


Ok, so that’s all for now. Now, I’m fully aware that there are many other styles of pants out there and other body shape issues to cover so , rest assured , I’ll be coming back to this topic at a later date. Any questions or comments? Need help shopping for the ideal trousers? Give me a call or drop me a line- I’d love to help.

In the meantime, happy styling :)

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5 ways to wear navy

Today I am focussing on ways to wear a certain colour and the hue I have chosen is navy as it’s a colour that many of my clients have issues with regarding which colours to combine with it. Navy is a tone that in fact looks very good on many skin tones and yet it is a colour that is often omitted from many wardrobes. In my experience, it’s a hue that you either love wearing or avoid  at all costs .  Anyway , let’s have a look at some possible combinations to see if you can be swayed into injecting some navy into your closet assuming it’s not hanging in your wardrobe already.

Combination one: Navy and red

This is a fabulous combination as it brightens up the navy perfectly. It creates a  classic but fun look that can take you  from the office to an evening out in an instant.

Navy and red

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Combination two: Navy, white and mustard yellow

Navy can be worn with lots of shades of yellow  including this more subtle mustard tone. Wear mustard in your  clothing or via accessories for a really cool twist to the classic  navy hue. Add a spot of white to create an extra element of freshness to the look and you have a winning combination.

Navy and mustard

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Combination three: Navy and pink

Combining navy with pink is great especially at the start of Spring when you’re slowly putting your Winter clothes away but don’t feel quite confident in letting it all go. Pink creates a fresh, lively look and one that will easily attract attention…all for the right reasons too. Perfect if you love wearing colour but need to wear something a little more conventional at the same time.

Navy and pink

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Combination four: Navy and camel

This is a great combination if you wish to create a classic and classy look and is especially perfect if you are not keen on wearing bright colours. Camel tones,  including beige, look fabulous with gold accessories and are great for the traditional and stylish office look.

Navy and camel

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Combination five: Navy and black 

One rule that is to be broken is the ‘Don’t wear black and navy together ‘ rule . Black and navy has always been frowned upon because of the fact that it is basically a combination of 2 dark tones together but there is no reason why this can’t look great on you. You can either stick to just navy and black or add a bit of a twist by adding grey  for example, which I think looks fabulous. This combination does create quite a formal look but hey, if that’s the look you want to create, then go for it!

Navy and black

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So, I hope this blog has given you a few ideas on ways to wear navy-which is your favourite?  It also look fabulous with orange if you want to go extra bright. Interested to know-are you a fan of navy? If so, how do you wear yours-any additional combinations you would like to share here? As always, any questions or comments are  most welcome. Need help shopping for navy outfit combinations? Then give me a call :)

In the meantime, happy styling!


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I decided to focus my attention on dresses this week, more specifically what types will potentially flatter specific body shape features as once again,  I get many questions about this from clients. I’ll try and make it a simple and easy guide so that hopefully it will serve as a quick reference point if you’re out and about shopping for that ideal dress . Ok, so here goes!

1. The A-line dress

Perfect for:

  • most body shapes actually !
  • especially great for pear and apple body shapes-weight around the tummy, hips and thighs
  • boyish frames to add a more curvaceous look
  • broad shoulders to balance out top half of inverted triangle body  shape

2. The cowl neck  drape dress

Perfect for :

  • pear-shaped women
  • curvaceous shapes eg, the hour glass
  • women who want to add more shape and definition to their small or boyish frame

3. The shirt dress

Perfect for:

  • women who have a ‘boyish’ shape -not overly curvaceous
  • petite frames

5. The halter -neck dress

Perfect for:

  • full-busted women
  • hour-glass
  • apple and pear shaped frames
  • showing off toned arms and shoulders

5. The shift dress

Perfect for:

  • short waisted ladies
  • boyish frames
  • small busted ladies
  • hiding the tummy

6. The swing dress

Perfect for:

  • short waisted ladies
  • petite frames
  • hiding the tummy and hips
  • smaller busted ladies

7. The fitted  V neck dress

Perfect for :

  • the hour glass shape
  • big busted women
  • curvaceous shapes
  • athletic builds


8. The maxi dress

Perfect for:

  • tall ladies
  • boyish frames
  • hiding legs and tums
  • short and long waisted torsos


9. The fit and flare dress

Perfect for:

  • triangle body shape-fit and flare style will balance out small upper body and camouflage the hips and thighs
  • apple and pear body shapes
  • showing off toned arms
  • concealing tummy

Ok, so that’s all for now. Now, I’m fully aware that there are many other styles of dresses out there and other body shape issues to cover so , rest assured , I’ll be coming back to this topic at a later date. Any questions or comments? Need help shopping for the ideal dress? Give me a call or drop me a line- I’d love to help.

In the meantime, happy styling :) !

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Shopping for bridesmaids dresses-some top tips

This week’s blog focusses on shopping for bridesmaids dresses so if you are a bride to be who has not yet decided on the chosen bridesmaids ‘theme’, then this blog is for you! Ok, so , firstly it depends on your situation  of course eg, how many bridesmaids you are having, age-group, the season of the wedding (nobody wants to be a shivering bride or bridesmaid!) and of course, your chosen colour scheme and style for the wedding. So, let’s take a look at a few guidelines to help you shop effectively for the perfect bridesmaids dress.

1. No need to  go for the conventional

When deciding on bridesmaids dresses, remember it’s not essential to shop for a traditional bridesmaids dress in a bridal shop. Instead, try shopping in some good quality shops that sell really good evening wear, which could easily become  a stunning bridesmaids dress with very little effort. There are some really delightful pieces out there and many of the clothing items would be absolutely perfect for this special  occasion, as my photograph below demonstrates.

Review dress  3 navy

2. Communication is the key

Now, ultimately, it is your big day so traditionally it is the bride who has the final say regarding wedding colours and the stylistic features of it all . However, what if you are the kind of person who is not interested in shopping or fashion and style has never been your top priority? Whether you are a style guru or not, it is most important to communicate with your ladies to find out their thoughts as their opinion counts too of course plus more heads are better than one in terms of styling ideas, especially if your ideas are a little limited.  However, if you are planning to have many bridesmaids, this may not always be practical. If not, then the  head bridesmaid should be the main person to communicate with. Being ‘on the same page’ and actually liking what you’re wearing as opposed to just wearing something is definitely a bonus for all concerned . A happy bridesmaid and a happy bride/groom = a very happy wedding party!

3. Transform a day dress into a bridesmaid’s

Once again, try to think outside the conventional when looking for your bridesmaids’ outfits  by considering buying a good quality , beautiful day dress instead. Not only will it be more unique for a wedding, but there is also a  strong possibility it will  be more gentle on the budget too  than shopping in a  bridal shop. Obviously you need to make sure it contrasts well with the bride’s dress and flowers , but  once that is all checked out, you are almost ready to go…except for the accessory shopping of course! The picture below is a good example of a day dress which would look beautiful as a bridesmaids outfit.

review dress 2 floral

4. Keep it simple

If the dress is already a standout then let it do its job-no fuss necessary. With a dress like the one below , all you will need  are nice shoes, a bolero or little jacket for cool evenings and a neutral bag for later on in the day. Also, it’s worth remembering that as a bridesmaid, you NEVER want to outclass the bride on her big day so always bear that fact in mind when liaising with the bride and putting  your outfit together.

review dress 6 pink blush satin

5. Jazz up an outfit with a faux fur stole or bolero

If it’s Winter time or heading that way,  there are simple ways to make a simple dress  look more striking by adding a faux fur little shrug (stole/bolero), simple accessories and stunning shoes to finish off the outfit beautifully. Think practically but stylishly when considering what accessories you require to complete your look. For example, you need to be warm when it cools down later on, you need to be able to walk well and you need to feel comfortable throughout the day. Each accessory item should tick off all of these 3 essential points before you consider purchasing them.

Review fur stole wrap

Ok, that concludes my tips for today but as always, comments or questions are most welcome. Please note, all of my visuals in this blog are from Review as I think they do some fabulous dresses for weddings and other special occasions so  do check them out if you’re in Australia and in need of some special occasion attire. Are you about to be a bridesmaid? What will you be wearing on the special day? Need help shopping for either bridesmaids dresses or bridal gowns? Then give me a call- I’d be more than happy to help.

In the meantime, happy styling!

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How to wear leggings for the 35+ age group

This week’s blog is on the topic of leggings as I get so many questions on this area , especially from ladies who are  in their late 30s or 40s. So, let’s take a look at appropriate ways to wear leggings for women who are no longer in their teens or  ’20s because as we all know, the ‘rules’ change a little as we get older!

1. Wear with tunics and dresses

This is a great way to wear leggings as a tunic style top or dress covers  the areas you may not want on show ( bums and thighs), which make them perfect for leggings. There are some great styles around too so  there is absolutely no need to look frumpy with this look. Note, tunics that are longer at the back than the front look especially good with leggings as do asymmetrical tops.

2. Wear with layering

Layering items are fabulous with leggings as they balance out the bulk of the layering, which can create a very stylish and individual look.  You could go with a short shirt and a long cardigan perhaps or  a poncho over a long-sleeved top if it’s extra cold. A long tee with a loose cardigan and boots also looks great or a similar combination to the illustration below.  You can experiment in this area and have lots of fun while doing so!

3. Wear with a top and  long checked shirt (or similar) 

Tops with shirts are great as they hang  loosely so they are comfortable to wear and also look fabulous with leggings. Pair with flats or boots (depending on the season) for a super stylish finish!

4. Wear with short dresses /skirts  (if you dare!)

Hey, just because you’re no longer 21, doesn’t mean you cannot wear short dresses. However, there are a few things to watch just to ensure you do it with class. Firstly, watch how short you go…You know what I mean! In addition, do not scrimp on the cost of your leggings. Like most things, you get what you pay for, and especially so with leggings. Thick fabric with a good stretch is so important when wearing shorter style dresses with leggings so invest in a good quality pair-you won’t regret it.

5. Wear with appropriate footwear

When wearing leggings, do consider shoes very carefully as right or wrong choices could really ‘make or break’ an outfit. There are many options-ballet flats, short flat boots,  tall flat boots…so as you can see, mostly flats work  well with leggings rather than stilettos. However, it’s not to say you can’t wear high heels with leggings, just choose carefully! Note, wearing shoes the same tone as the leggings and wearing full length style (not cropped) can also help to give the legs a longer frame, which is good news for us short folk!

Ok, so that’s all from me for today on this topic. Now as usual, you may have found a combination that I have not listed above so please feel free to share  your experiences or make comments. How do you wear your leggings? What brands work for you?

Need help shopping for good leggings? Then give me a call-I’d be more than happy to help.

In the meantime, happy styling !

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How to shop for jeans

This week’s blog is dedicated to a problem that many of my clients have-the nightmare of shopping for jeans. So , lets look at a few things you need to look out for when going jeans shopping to ensure you go home a ‘very happy shopper’!

1. Go to a specialised jeans shop

I find shops that specialise in jeans to be most helpful and they allow you to try on different cuts with advice from the ever so helpful staff there. Looking for cheaper but good value brands? Jeans West and Just Jeans are absolutely fine and they will open up a whole new world of jeans you never knew existed! Other shops with good denim selections include Topshop and David Jones, but of course there are many others!

2. Try different cuts

Jeans are like shoes in some ways, ie you really have to try them on to work out if they are right for you or not. I know a lot of ladies who only stick to one particular cut-boot cut or straight, for example. By experimenting, you’ll be surprised how many cuts actually suit you. By having different cuts, you’ll be able to create lots of different looks to your wardrobe. In addition, if you always stick to one particular denim wash, why not try a different tone?

afends-black-skinnies2 Beg boutique

3. Buy cheap and expensive

Sometimes it pays to shop for quality brands, we all know that, and the same applies to shopping for denim. Whilst it’s fine to have some cheap denim in your wardrobe as mentioned above , it’s also quite wise to occasionally shop for quality and classic names as they will last almost a lifetime, especially if you get a classic cut. Think Levis, Lee and Mavi  among others. Check out sales for quality jeans too-you’ll be amazed at some of the bargains to be found!

4. If it fits, buy more than one!

We  all know jeans shopping can be a nightmare so why not invest in a couple of pairs once you find a cut that really fits you well? You could always buy the same kind of jean in a different wash for a slightly different look-dark denim and a lighter tone for example.  Definitely a good plan if you hate shopping-is that you?

denim-afends-jeans-1 Beg boutique

5. Look after your jeans

So you’ve struggled to find the perfect pair of jeans so the least you can do for them  when you get them home is to take extra care of them so that they last well. How many of you out there check the washing labels of your jeans? It’s wise to double check to ensure they are washed appropriately so that they don’t lose their shape. If they lose their shape, you’re back to square one and nobody wants that when it comes to shopping for jeans!

6. Jeans stretch so be ‘size and fit aware’

When shopping for jeans, always remember that they will stretch in the wash so very often its wise to wear them one size smaller than you actually are, or if the brand does half sizes, drop by a half to allow space for ‘the stretch’. The main reason jeans end up in charity shops is folk buying jeans that are way too big for them in the first place. :)

bootleg jeans three bears clothing com

Ok, that’s all for now. I’ll continue on this topic another week as I know jeans cause so much grief for many people out there! Do you have a favourite jean brand? Do you have a favored cut? Any comments or questions are most welcome! Need help shopping for jeans? Then give me a call.

Until next time-happy styling!

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This week’s blog is dedicated to the mother of the bride ( or groom) and the all important question of what to wear or not to wear on your  son/daughter’s special day. I’ll mainly focus on the mother of the bride in this blog, but if you are the groom’s mother, similar considerations will apply. Ok, so, of course there are no clear-cut rules as such, but I hope by the end of my blog you’ll have some clear pointers to help you  make good choices so that you’ll be celebrating the day in absolute style, and most importantly, you’ll be able to really enjoy the occasion.

1. DO Liaise with the bride and groom

First step is to get a general idea on what kind of wedding the happy couple are looking at as this may affect what you wear on the big day. Once the bride and groom’s themes and colours are decided, you can work around that. Don’t forget to also chat to the groom’s mother-imagine the embarrassment it you both ended up wearing the same outfit….and it actually looked better on her!

2. DON’T choose something you aren’t too keen on AND feel uncomfortable in 

When choosing your outfit, make sure you don’t just choose something because that’s what you think your daughter and family members would expect you or want you to wear. It’s a long day so not only do you need to look great, but you also need to feel good in what you’re in. Comfort and style is the ideal combination.

3. DO wear something that is NOT going to clash with the bridal parties’ colours and themes

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules here, try to avoid totally clashing with the bride , groom, bridesmaids and groom’s mother. Aim instead for ‘harmonising’ and coordinating so that you look the part on the day and in the wedding photos; this can be achieved by liaison with the other members of the wedding party or, if you’re extra close, even shopping together!

4. DON’T be afraid to show off your personal style

You are the mother of the bride, so you will also be  one of the centrepieces on the big day. As a result, it’s important that you wear something that reflects the real YOU and your true style.There’s no need to go for a frumpy look-think style, flair with a splash of glamour and you’ll have the perfect look.

5. DO shop for  shoes that are quite simple and comfortable, yet stylish

It’s a very tiring day so it’s important to look after your feet on the big day  but you need to balance out the comfort factor with the style factor. This can be achieved by selecting the right sized heels-avoid stilettos that kill your feet-kitten heels can be a good alternative, for example. For more info on shoes, check out  previous blogs of mine on the topic here and here. If your outfit is in a bright tone, opt for neutral or nude toned shoes. If your outfit is quite subdued, you can afford to go brighter in the shoe dept. The same principle can be applied to accessories.

6. DON’T wear colours or patterns that won’t look good in photographs

You will be photographed a lot on the big day, so it’s important to bear this in mind when selecting colours or patterns in your outfit. Avoid wearing very washed out colours where possible; deeper tones generally photograph better. If a deeper hue is not for you, consider a deeper tone for contrast in your accessories instead. Need a hat for the wedding? Check out my previous hat blog here to give you some ideas.

7. DO have a contingency plan if the weather is not good

No need to change your entire outfit, of course, but just have a stylish brolly and jacket or little shrug at hand should you need it.

8. DO dress to be noticed but DON’T upstage the bride on her big day

Need I say more here ?! :)

If you are going to be the mother of the bride or groom this year, I’d love to hear from you. How are you feeling? Have you got your outfit sorted yet? Are you stressed about it or easing into the concept nicely ?

Need help at all? Just give me a call.

In the meantime, happy wedding styling!

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Jewellery to flatter-the basics

Today I focus my attention on jewellery , as it’s a topic that many of my clients ask me about  and the last blog I wrote on this topic was this one on statement jewellery, which was a while ago now. Today I’ll be looking at some of the basics  to flatter you so if you are the kind of person who doesn’t wear that many accessories and would like to wear more, then this blog’s for you. Also, if you’re the kind of lady who DOES wear accessories but wants more information on  jewellery to flatter you , then this blog is also for you!

1. Wear bold colours against dark neutral tones

If you have a very bold necklace like the one pictured below, then try to wear it with something very neutral, like black for example, so that the necklace really stands out. In this way, you won’t look over cluttery in your jewellery and as a result, the piece will really stand out. The biggest mistake would be to wear bold colour on bold …only in exceptional circumstances can you get away with this.

2. Adapt style of jewellery to reflect the shape of what you’re wearing

To get the most out of your necklaces, try to mirror the shape of your top in your jewellery. For example, wear a circular shaped  necklace (like the one pictured below ) with a boatneck or scoopneck top  , a long necklace with a long v neck top or a higher necked plain top . There are exceptions to this tendency of course, but as a basic guide, this is a good one to follow.

3. Wear no more than 2 main accessory pieces to flatter

Now, as always this point is not written in stone-you can experiment but, as a general rule, just wearing 2 central pieces will flatter and won’t clutter your appearance. For example, the  necklace and bracelet combination, the statement ring and necklace combination, the statement earrings and necklace combination as demonstrated below. However, you can get away with more than 2 pieces if the items are not real ‘standout’ pieces. A pair of relatively neutral earrings with a necklace and bracelet will be fine but try not to go overboard with too many standout pieces all at one time. If you do this, you’ll nullify the ‘standout effect’!

4. Wear accessories to bring out the subtleties of your clothing

When choosing accessories, don’t always go for the most obvious colour. Instead, look closely at your item of clothing and see what colours you could draw out from it via your jewellery. For example, if I were wearing the top below , instead of wearing a  burgundy bracelet (note, no necklace necessary with this top), I would perhaps choose an oatmeal or grey  tone instead or a dusky pink  piece. Look beyond the obvious tones to really make your accessories count and to highlight the least obvious tones in your clothing.

5. Don’t forget….

It’s not just rings, necklaces and bracelets that constitute ‘accessories’. Within this category you can also include scarves, watches, bags, hair-bands, toe-rings etc… Why not take a look at your accessories and ask yourself the following question: ‘What do I have too many and not enough of?’ Answer truthfully then get yourself off to the shops and revamp your accessory wardrobe-it really can totally transform and invigorate an outfit and doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Before I finish up, just a quick mention to the fabulous Empayah Jewellery and Accessories, where all of these wonderful jewellery pieces are sourced from. I highly recommend checking out the website or facebook page, or even better popping into the shop in Brisbane-the lovely Karen has some truly stunning items at very reasonable prices.

Ok, that’s it for now. What items of jewellery are your favourites? What are you most comfortable wearing? As always, any questions or comments are most welcome too. Need help shopping for accessories? Then give me a call-I’d be more than happy to help out.

In the meantime, happy styling :)

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This week’s blog is on the topic of losing weight, and more specifically, when you’re in the ‘transition stage’. It’s a tricky one as the weight may be dropping but maybe you have not yet reached your  New Year goal so you don’t want to waste money on clothes that won’t fit for much longer…so what to do?? Here are a few tips to guide you along the way.

1. Don’t over-shop

So, when you’re in the transition stage, try to minimize the amount of shopping you do. Instead, try to mix and match from outfits currently in your wardrobe and belt up where possible to add more shape to your slightly baggier style of clothes. Be patient-just shop ‘here and there’ and once you have reached your ideal weight, by all means, shop away! Alternatively, remember you can get some absolute bargains at charity shops and some fabulous designer labels too so if you really HAVE TO shop, then those shops will offer you some great options for your transition stage.

2. Avoid buying really baggy clothing

In many cases, extremely baggy clothes will actually make you look bigger so even for ladies who are planning to lose a fair amount of  weight, it’s still important to shop for shapely items as baggy will just drown you the more weight you lose. As a result, if buying baggy clothes has become a habit, that’s one habit that you may have to change .  Look for styles that skim rather than cling but don’t swamp  you.

3. Look for occasional shopping treats

Whilst you may not be able to ‘over shop’ whilst losing weight, it’s important to keep your motivation up . This can be done by treating yourself to something nice in the shopping dept maybe  , once a month shall we say? It could be clothing but make sure you don’t waste your money…if it fits for just a couple of weeks and you have paid a considerable amount for something, that won’t make you feel good later on. Go for something that will last a while, knitwear perhaps? Accessories are another great option of course. See it as therapy…that’s got to be good!

4. Assess your wardrobe regularly

While you’re in that ‘transition phase’, it’s important that you reflect on your wardrobe regularly to see what still works for you and what doesn’t. This can be done by yourself, or if you need help, why not book a wardrobe consultation?  Analysing your wardrobe regularly will  save you money as hopefully you won’t waste it on buying non-essential clothing. This kind of edit can be very therapeutic too-enjoy! Bring out  pieces that you never used to be able to fit into to make you feel extra good about yourself.


5. Prioritise neutrals

As a general rule, if your wardrobe consists of 80% basic pieces or neutrals, you’ll always have enough to mix and match with to re-create new looks. Of course colour is fabulous too but don’t over-buy ‘on trend colour pieces’  because they are exactly that…’on trend’ so not only are they more expensive, they may not fit you for that much longer. So buy sensibly but enjoy the challenge of mixing and matching with your  new size. You could always try a colour that maybe you had never considered wearing to mix and match with. The possibilities are endless!!

6. Wear good underwear

Quality underwear will not only make you feel more confident, it will also create an even better shape on you while you’re in the transition phase. Now, of course, your underwear size may change so don’t go too crazy but wearing good underwear will definitely make you feel grand inside and out!

7. Enjoy the big shop when you reach your ideal weight

Need I say more? Edit your wardrobe again and make an itinerary of things you need and add a few non essentials to your wish list for good measure! Be patient while you shop as shopping for a smaller size is not necessarily a lot easier than shopping for a larger size but as long as you have fun and enjoy the moment and come home with some great clothing,  your hard work will be worth it. Need help shopping for your new size? Then give me a call.

Does anyone have any shopping experiences on this topic to share? Any other tips to add here? Any comments or questions are always most welcome.

In the meantime, congrats if you have shed a considerable amount of weight and happy styling! :)

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Top 8 skirts to flatter your figure

Shopping for the right type of skirt can often be a little daunting as there is so much variety out there, but of course with more choice, comes more confusion. So, this blog is designed to outline some top styles that could flatter your body shape. As always , these are just ideas. Each one of us is very different in our body shape features so I  encourage clients to experiment with styles as fashion is not always ‘black and white’…which is a very good thing indeed for all of us. What a dull old fashion world it would be otherwise!

The pencil skirt

This style of skirt actually flatters many body types, not just the very very slender. So, if you are curvy , slim or have a bit of a tummy, this type of skirt will actually look great on all of you. Now of course, the slimmer you are, the  more ‘figure hugging’ look you can go for. In contrast, If you have quite a big  tummy then a lightly tapered style will look better on you. The ‘skim not cling’ principle is a handy one to follow but most importantly, remember a pencil skirt is one to look out for as it accentuates your shape and curves (if you have them) beautifully!

The A-line skirt

The ever reliable A-line and a great skirt for so many body shape features. If you’re curvy, have a bit of a tummy and/or bum, this type of skirt will be very flattering. As with the pencil skirt, certain A-lines may be more flattering than others, for example, if you’re very curvy , opt for one that skims the hips .

The drop waist skirt

This type is perfect for the short-waisted  lady and/or if you are not so tall like myself. This can also work well if you are long legged and have a short waist, to ensure the skirt is long enough on your tall frame.

The wrap or softly draped skirt

This type of skirt is particularly flattering if you have a large bottom as it will conceal that area nicely.

The mini skirt

Now of course, naturally we associate the mini skirt with youngsters-especially teens and early /mid 20s but it’s not to say you can’t wear one as you get older. The important thing to consider is style and fabric…you can get away with it but it has to be done with style and flair. Mini skirts are great if you are short as they may appear like a regular skirt on you so it’s important not to bypass the mini skirt rail-you may be surprised at what you find!

The knee length or just above the knee skirt

If you have good legs and in particular, if you are on the shortish side, look for skirts that fall no lower than on the knee or ideally, just above. This will help to elongate the frame, thus making you appear taller. If you are on the tall side, then you can afford to go for longer styled skirts that hit way below the knee…you lucky thing!



The patterned skirt

This type of skirt is especially good if you want to add more emphasis/shape to your figure as colours and brights will add more depth to a shape. If you are on the larger side, you can still go for patterned skirts but be aware the brighter the hue, the larger the focus will be. So, as always, it depends what you want to accentuate and what you want to conceal.

The utility skirt

If you are very petite and in need of a more  fuller kind of look, then this type of skirt is for you. Look for lots of details including pockets and buttons on skirts to help give more bulk and definition where needed.

 Ok, so there’s a bit of a guide for you. As I mentioned earlier, nothing is set in stone re fashion, so do experiment within the skirt categories even if it doesn’t quite match your body shape features. What type of skirt is your favourite? As always, questions or comments are most welcome. Need help shopping for the perfect skirt? Then give me a call-maybe I could help!

In the meantime, happy styling!

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