Nicola WillisHi, I’m Nicola Willis, a personal stylist based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

For over 20 years I worked as a teacher trainer , helping training teachers understand how to teach English here and overseas. While teacher training, I became increasingly aware of how many compliments I received from people about how well I dressed and accessorised.  However, it was time for a career change as my passion for teacher training had decreased a little over the years but my passion  to want to help women address their styling issues was still very much alive!

In 2010 I undertook an online styling course through the Australian College of Professional Styling and obtained a Diploma of Professional Styling.  I then set about putting my  styling techniques into practice by helping out  friends and family. I  then undertook a face-to-face intensive course with a Sydney-based styling company, ‘Smitten Styling Academy Australia’ with the truly inspirational Wendy Mak. Wendy really motivated me to put my dreams of becoming a personal stylist into practice to create my own personal styling business here in Brisbane, Dress with Style.

When you experience a styling consultation with me, you will immediately  feel at ease  and will find new confidence to step out looking and feeling your very best. I very much believe in tailoring consultations to suit the needs of the client , whether it be wanting a new look for work, wanting to know more about which styles suit your body shape, the need to shop for a special occasion, weight loss and the need to shop for a new wardrobe to accommodate the loss or to overcome the common complaint of ‘Help, I have nothing to wear in my wardrobe’! Sound familiar? I guarantee my number one priority will be YOU. I’ll be with you every step of the way on your styling journey to make it educational , affordable AND enjoyable. I apply a  lot of my teaching techniques into my consultations to ensure you get the maximum from the experience-the teacher inside me will always be there! My service doesn’t stop at the end of the consultation either. I encourage you to keep in touch and email any styling questions you may have or send  pictures to double check an outfit, for example. So you see, I really will be with you every step of the way, quite literally! I provide a range of services- all of which are designed with YOUR needs in mind…and only YOURS.

Let’s create a more confident and stylish you.





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The consultation with Nicola completely met my expectations, it was time efficient, easy and fun!’  Sue, Brisbane

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‘I highly recommend Nicola to anyone who wants clarity and freshness in their wardrobe. Thanks Nicola!‘ Nicky, Brisbane