5 ways to wear navy

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Today I am focussing on ways to wear a certain colour and the hue I have chosen is navy as it’s a colour that many of my clients have issues with regarding which colours to combine with it. Navy is a tone that in fact looks very good on many skin tones and yet it is a colour that is often omitted from many wardrobes. In my experience, it’s a hue that you either love wearing or avoid  at all costs .  Anyway , let’s have a look at some possible combinations to see if you can be swayed into injecting some navy into your closet assuming it’s not hanging in your wardrobe already.

Combination one: Navy and red

This is a fabulous combination as it brightens up the navy perfectly. It creates a  classic but fun look that can take you  from the office to an evening out in an instant.

Navy and red

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Combination two: Navy, white and mustard yellow

Navy can be worn with lots of shades of yellow  including this more subtle mustard tone. Wear mustard in your  clothing or via accessories for a really cool twist to the classic  navy hue. Add a spot of white to create an extra element of freshness to the look and you have a winning combination.

Navy and mustard

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Combination three: Navy and pink

Combining navy with pink is great especially at the start of Spring when you’re slowly putting your Winter clothes away but don’t feel quite confident in letting it all go. Pink creates a fresh, lively look and one that will easily attract attention…all for the right reasons too. Perfect if you love wearing colour but need to wear something a little more conventional at the same time.

Navy and pink

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Combination four: Navy and camel

This is a great combination if you wish to create a classic and classy look and is especially perfect if you are not keen on wearing bright colours. Camel tones,  including beige, look fabulous with gold accessories and are great for the traditional and stylish office look.

Navy and camel

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Combination five: Navy and black 

One rule that is to be broken is the ‘Don’t wear black and navy together ‘ rule . Black and navy has always been frowned upon because of the fact that it is basically a combination of 2 dark tones together but there is no reason why this can’t look great on you. You can either stick to just navy and black or add a bit of a twist by adding grey  for example, which I think looks fabulous. This combination does create quite a formal look but hey, if that’s the look you want to create, then go for it!

Navy and black

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So, I hope this blog has given you a few ideas on ways to wear navy-which is your favourite?  It also look fabulous with orange if you want to go extra bright. Interested to know-are you a fan of navy? If so, how do you wear yours-any additional combinations you would like to share here? As always, any questions or comments are  most welcome. Need help shopping for navy outfit combinations? Then give me a call :)

In the meantime, happy styling!


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