Shopping for bridesmaids dresses-some top tips

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This week’s blog focusses on shopping for bridesmaids dresses so if you are a bride to be who has not yet decided on the chosen bridesmaids ‘theme’, then this blog is for you! Ok, so , firstly it depends on your situation  of course eg, how many bridesmaids you are having, age-group, the season of the wedding (nobody wants to be a shivering bride or bridesmaid!) and of course, your chosen colour scheme and style for the wedding. So, let’s take a look at a few guidelines to help you shop effectively for the perfect bridesmaids dress.

1. No need to  go for the conventional

When deciding on bridesmaids dresses, remember it’s not essential to shop for a traditional bridesmaids dress in a bridal shop. Instead, try shopping in some good quality shops that sell really good evening wear, which could easily become  a stunning bridesmaids dress with very little effort. There are some really delightful pieces out there and many of the clothing items would be absolutely perfect for this special  occasion, as my photograph below demonstrates.

Review dress  3 navy

2. Communication is the key

Now, ultimately, it is your big day so traditionally it is the bride who has the final say regarding wedding colours and the stylistic features of it all . However, what if you are the kind of person who is not interested in shopping or fashion and style has never been your top priority? Whether you are a style guru or not, it is most important to communicate with your ladies to find out their thoughts as their opinion counts too of course plus more heads are better than one in terms of styling ideas, especially if your ideas are a little limited.  However, if you are planning to have many bridesmaids, this may not always be practical. If not, then the  head bridesmaid should be the main person to communicate with. Being ‘on the same page’ and actually liking what you’re wearing as opposed to just wearing something is definitely a bonus for all concerned . A happy bridesmaid and a happy bride/groom = a very happy wedding party!

3. Transform a day dress into a bridesmaid’s

Once again, try to think outside the conventional when looking for your bridesmaids’ outfits  by considering buying a good quality , beautiful day dress instead. Not only will it be more unique for a wedding, but there is also a  strong possibility it will  be more gentle on the budget too  than shopping in a  bridal shop. Obviously you need to make sure it contrasts well with the bride’s dress and flowers , but  once that is all checked out, you are almost ready to go…except for the accessory shopping of course! The picture below is a good example of a day dress which would look beautiful as a bridesmaids outfit.

review dress 2 floral

4. Keep it simple

If the dress is already a standout then let it do its job-no fuss necessary. With a dress like the one below , all you will need  are nice shoes, a bolero or little jacket for cool evenings and a neutral bag for later on in the day. Also, it’s worth remembering that as a bridesmaid, you NEVER want to outclass the bride on her big day so always bear that fact in mind when liaising with the bride and putting  your outfit together.

review dress 6 pink blush satin

5. Jazz up an outfit with a faux fur stole or bolero

If it’s Winter time or heading that way,  there are simple ways to make a simple dress  look more striking by adding a faux fur little shrug (stole/bolero), simple accessories and stunning shoes to finish off the outfit beautifully. Think practically but stylishly when considering what accessories you require to complete your look. For example, you need to be warm when it cools down later on, you need to be able to walk well and you need to feel comfortable throughout the day. Each accessory item should tick off all of these 3 essential points before you consider purchasing them.

Review fur stole wrap

Ok, that concludes my tips for today but as always, comments or questions are most welcome. Please note, all of my visuals in this blog are from Review as I think they do some fabulous dresses for weddings and other special occasions so  do check them out if you’re in Australia and in need of some special occasion attire. Are you about to be a bridesmaid? What will you be wearing on the special day? Need help shopping for either bridesmaids dresses or bridal gowns? Then give me a call- I’d be more than happy to help.

In the meantime, happy styling!

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