How to wear leggings for the 35+ age group

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This week’s blog is on the topic of leggings as I get so many questions on this area , especially from ladies who are  in their late 30s or 40s. So, let’s take a look at appropriate ways to wear leggings for women who are no longer in their teens or  ’20s because as we all know, the ‘rules’ change a little as we get older!

1. Wear with tunics and dresses

This is a great way to wear leggings as a tunic style top or dress covers  the areas you may not want on show ( bums and thighs), which make them perfect for leggings. There are some great styles around too so  there is absolutely no need to look frumpy with this look. Note, tunics that are longer at the back than the front look especially good with leggings as do asymmetrical tops.

2. Wear with layering

Layering items are fabulous with leggings as they balance out the bulk of the layering, which can create a very stylish and individual look.  You could go with a short shirt and a long cardigan perhaps or  a poncho over a long-sleeved top if it’s extra cold. A long tee with a loose cardigan and boots also looks great or a similar combination to the illustration below.  You can experiment in this area and have lots of fun while doing so!

3. Wear with a top and  long checked shirt (or similar) 

Tops with shirts are great as they hang  loosely so they are comfortable to wear and also look fabulous with leggings. Pair with flats or boots (depending on the season) for a super stylish finish!

4. Wear with short dresses /skirts  (if you dare!)

Hey, just because you’re no longer 21, doesn’t mean you cannot wear short dresses. However, there are a few things to watch just to ensure you do it with class. Firstly, watch how short you go…You know what I mean! In addition, do not scrimp on the cost of your leggings. Like most things, you get what you pay for, and especially so with leggings. Thick fabric with a good stretch is so important when wearing shorter style dresses with leggings so invest in a good quality pair-you won’t regret it.

5. Wear with appropriate footwear

When wearing leggings, do consider shoes very carefully as right or wrong choices could really ‘make or break’ an outfit. There are many options-ballet flats, short flat boots,  tall flat boots…so as you can see, mostly flats work  well with leggings rather than stilettos. However, it’s not to say you can’t wear high heels with leggings, just choose carefully! Note, wearing shoes the same tone as the leggings and wearing full length style (not cropped) can also help to give the legs a longer frame, which is good news for us short folk!

Ok, so that’s all from me for today on this topic. Now as usual, you may have found a combination that I have not listed above so please feel free to share  your experiences or make comments. How do you wear your leggings? What brands work for you?

Need help shopping for good leggings? Then give me a call-I’d be more than happy to help.

In the meantime, happy styling !

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