How to shop for jeans

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This week’s blog is dedicated to a problem that many of my clients have-the nightmare of shopping for jeans. So , lets look at a few things you need to look out for when going jeans shopping to ensure you go home a ‘very happy shopper’!

1. Go to a specialised jeans shop

I find shops that specialise in jeans to be most helpful and they allow you to try on different cuts with advice from the ever so helpful staff there. Looking for cheaper but good value brands? Jeans West and Just Jeans are absolutely fine and they will open up a whole new world of jeans you never knew existed! Other shops with good denim selections include Topshop and David Jones, but of course there are many others!

2. Try different cuts

Jeans are like shoes in some ways, ie you really have to try them on to work out if they are right for you or not. I know a lot of ladies who only stick to one particular cut-boot cut or straight, for example. By experimenting, you’ll be surprised how many cuts actually suit you. By having different cuts, you’ll be able to create lots of different looks to your wardrobe. In addition, if you always stick to one particular denim wash, why not try a different tone?

afends-black-skinnies2 Beg boutique

3. Buy cheap and expensive

Sometimes it pays to shop for quality brands, we all know that, and the same applies to shopping for denim. Whilst it’s fine to have some cheap denim in your wardrobe as mentioned above , it’s also quite wise to occasionally shop for quality and classic names as they will last almost a lifetime, especially if you get a classic cut. Think Levis, Lee and Mavi  among others. Check out sales for quality jeans too-you’ll be amazed at some of the bargains to be found!

4. If it fits, buy more than one!

We  all know jeans shopping can be a nightmare so why not invest in a couple of pairs once you find a cut that really fits you well? You could always buy the same kind of jean in a different wash for a slightly different look-dark denim and a lighter tone for example.  Definitely a good plan if you hate shopping-is that you?

denim-afends-jeans-1 Beg boutique

5. Look after your jeans

So you’ve struggled to find the perfect pair of jeans so the least you can do for them  when you get them home is to take extra care of them so that they last well. How many of you out there check the washing labels of your jeans? It’s wise to double check to ensure they are washed appropriately so that they don’t lose their shape. If they lose their shape, you’re back to square one and nobody wants that when it comes to shopping for jeans!

6. Jeans stretch so be ‘size and fit aware’

When shopping for jeans, always remember that they will stretch in the wash so very often its wise to wear them one size smaller than you actually are, or if the brand does half sizes, drop by a half to allow space for ‘the stretch’. The main reason jeans end up in charity shops is folk buying jeans that are way too big for them in the first place. :)

bootleg jeans three bears clothing com

Ok, that’s all for now. I’ll continue on this topic another week as I know jeans cause so much grief for many people out there! Do you have a favourite jean brand? Do you have a favored cut? Any comments or questions are most welcome! Need help shopping for jeans? Then give me a call.

Until next time-happy styling!

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