Jewellery to flatter-the basics

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Today I focus my attention on jewellery , as it’s a topic that many of my clients ask me about  and the last blog I wrote on this topic was this one on statement jewellery, which was a while ago now. Today I’ll be looking at some of the basics  to flatter you so if you are the kind of person who doesn’t wear that many accessories and would like to wear more, then this blog’s for you. Also, if you’re the kind of lady who DOES wear accessories but wants more information on  jewellery to flatter you , then this blog is also for you!

1. Wear bold colours against dark neutral tones

If you have a very bold necklace like the one pictured below, then try to wear it with something very neutral, like black for example, so that the necklace really stands out. In this way, you won’t look over cluttery in your jewellery and as a result, the piece will really stand out. The biggest mistake would be to wear bold colour on bold …only in exceptional circumstances can you get away with this.

2. Adapt style of jewellery to reflect the shape of what you’re wearing

To get the most out of your necklaces, try to mirror the shape of your top in your jewellery. For example, wear a circular shaped  necklace (like the one pictured below ) with a boatneck or scoopneck top  , a long necklace with a long v neck top or a higher necked plain top . There are exceptions to this tendency of course, but as a basic guide, this is a good one to follow.

3. Wear no more than 2 main accessory pieces to flatter

Now, as always this point is not written in stone-you can experiment but, as a general rule, just wearing 2 central pieces will flatter and won’t clutter your appearance. For example, the  necklace and bracelet combination, the statement ring and necklace combination, the statement earrings and necklace combination as demonstrated below. However, you can get away with more than 2 pieces if the items are not real ‘standout’ pieces. A pair of relatively neutral earrings with a necklace and bracelet will be fine but try not to go overboard with too many standout pieces all at one time. If you do this, you’ll nullify the ‘standout effect’!

4. Wear accessories to bring out the subtleties of your clothing

When choosing accessories, don’t always go for the most obvious colour. Instead, look closely at your item of clothing and see what colours you could draw out from it via your jewellery. For example, if I were wearing the top below , instead of wearing a  burgundy bracelet (note, no necklace necessary with this top), I would perhaps choose an oatmeal or grey  tone instead or a dusky pink  piece. Look beyond the obvious tones to really make your accessories count and to highlight the least obvious tones in your clothing.

5. Don’t forget….

It’s not just rings, necklaces and bracelets that constitute ‘accessories’. Within this category you can also include scarves, watches, bags, hair-bands, toe-rings etc… Why not take a look at your accessories and ask yourself the following question: ‘What do I have too many and not enough of?’ Answer truthfully then get yourself off to the shops and revamp your accessory wardrobe-it really can totally transform and invigorate an outfit and doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Before I finish up, just a quick mention to the fabulous Empayah Jewellery and Accessories, where all of these wonderful jewellery pieces are sourced from. I highly recommend checking out the website or facebook page, or even better popping into the shop in Brisbane-the lovely Karen has some truly stunning items at very reasonable prices.

Ok, that’s it for now. What items of jewellery are your favourites? What are you most comfortable wearing? As always, any questions or comments are most welcome too. Need help shopping for accessories? Then give me a call-I’d be more than happy to help out.

In the meantime, happy styling :)

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