Top 7 tips for shopping for new clothes when you are losing weight

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This week’s blog is on the topic of losing weight, and more specifically, when you’re in the ‘transition stage’. It’s a tricky one as the weight may be dropping but maybe you have not yet reached your  New Year goal so you don’t want to waste money on clothes that won’t fit for much longer…so what to do?? Here are a few tips to guide you along the way.

1. Don’t over-shop

So, when you’re in the transition stage, try to minimize the amount of shopping you do. Instead, try to mix and match from outfits currently in your wardrobe and belt up where possible to add more shape to your slightly baggier style of clothes. Be patient-just shop ‘here and there’ and once you have reached your ideal weight, by all means, shop away! Alternatively, remember you can get some absolute bargains at charity shops and some fabulous designer labels too so if you really HAVE TO shop, then those shops will offer you some great options for your transition stage.

2. Avoid buying really baggy clothing

In many cases, extremely baggy clothes will actually make you look bigger so even for ladies who are planning to lose a fair amount of  weight, it’s still important to shop for shapely items as baggy will just drown you the more weight you lose. As a result, if buying baggy clothes has become a habit, that’s one habit that you may have to change .  Look for styles that skim rather than cling but don’t swamp  you.

3. Look for occasional shopping treats

Whilst you may not be able to ‘over shop’ whilst losing weight, it’s important to keep your motivation up . This can be done by treating yourself to something nice in the shopping dept maybe  , once a month shall we say? It could be clothing but make sure you don’t waste your money…if it fits for just a couple of weeks and you have paid a considerable amount for something, that won’t make you feel good later on. Go for something that will last a while, knitwear perhaps? Accessories are another great option of course. See it as therapy…that’s got to be good!

4. Assess your wardrobe regularly

While you’re in that ‘transition phase’, it’s important that you reflect on your wardrobe regularly to see what still works for you and what doesn’t. This can be done by yourself, or if you need help, why not book a wardrobe consultation?  Analysing your wardrobe regularly will  save you money as hopefully you won’t waste it on buying non-essential clothing. This kind of edit can be very therapeutic too-enjoy! Bring out  pieces that you never used to be able to fit into to make you feel extra good about yourself.


5. Prioritise neutrals

As a general rule, if your wardrobe consists of 80% basic pieces or neutrals, you’ll always have enough to mix and match with to re-create new looks. Of course colour is fabulous too but don’t over-buy ‘on trend colour pieces’  because they are exactly that…’on trend’ so not only are they more expensive, they may not fit you for that much longer. So buy sensibly but enjoy the challenge of mixing and matching with your  new size. You could always try a colour that maybe you had never considered wearing to mix and match with. The possibilities are endless!!

6. Wear good underwear

Quality underwear will not only make you feel more confident, it will also create an even better shape on you while you’re in the transition phase. Now, of course, your underwear size may change so don’t go too crazy but wearing good underwear will definitely make you feel grand inside and out!

7. Enjoy the big shop when you reach your ideal weight

Need I say more? Edit your wardrobe again and make an itinerary of things you need and add a few non essentials to your wish list for good measure! Be patient while you shop as shopping for a smaller size is not necessarily a lot easier than shopping for a larger size but as long as you have fun and enjoy the moment and come home with some great clothing,  your hard work will be worth it. Need help shopping for your new size? Then give me a call.

Does anyone have any shopping experiences on this topic to share? Any other tips to add here? Any comments or questions are always most welcome.

In the meantime, congrats if you have shed a considerable amount of weight and happy styling! :)

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