Top 8 skirts to flatter your figure

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Shopping for the right type of skirt can often be a little daunting as there is so much variety out there, but of course with more choice, comes more confusion. So, this blog is designed to outline some top styles that could flatter your body shape. As always , these are just ideas. Each one of us is very different in our body shape features so I  encourage clients to experiment with styles as fashion is not always ‘black and white’…which is a very good thing indeed for all of us. What a dull old fashion world it would be otherwise!

The pencil skirt

This style of skirt actually flatters many body types, not just the very very slender. So, if you are curvy , slim or have a bit of a tummy, this type of skirt will actually look great on all of you. Now of course, the slimmer you are, the  more ‘figure hugging’ look you can go for. In contrast, If you have quite a big  tummy then a lightly tapered style will look better on you. The ‘skim not cling’ principle is a handy one to follow but most importantly, remember a pencil skirt is one to look out for as it accentuates your shape and curves (if you have them) beautifully!

The A-line skirt

The ever reliable A-line and a great skirt for so many body shape features. If you’re curvy, have a bit of a tummy and/or bum, this type of skirt will be very flattering. As with the pencil skirt, certain A-lines may be more flattering than others, for example, if you’re very curvy , opt for one that skims the hips .

The drop waist skirt

This type is perfect for the short-waisted  lady and/or if you are not so tall like myself. This can also work well if you are long legged and have a short waist, to ensure the skirt is long enough on your tall frame.

The wrap or softly draped skirt

This type of skirt is particularly flattering if you have a large bottom as it will conceal that area nicely.

The mini skirt

Now of course, naturally we associate the mini skirt with youngsters-especially teens and early /mid 20s but it’s not to say you can’t wear one as you get older. The important thing to consider is style and fabric…you can get away with it but it has to be done with style and flair. Mini skirts are great if you are short as they may appear like a regular skirt on you so it’s important not to bypass the mini skirt rail-you may be surprised at what you find!

The knee length or just above the knee skirt

If you have good legs and in particular, if you are on the shortish side, look for skirts that fall no lower than on the knee or ideally, just above. This will help to elongate the frame, thus making you appear taller. If you are on the tall side, then you can afford to go for longer styled skirts that hit way below the knee…you lucky thing!



The patterned skirt

This type of skirt is especially good if you want to add more emphasis/shape to your figure as colours and brights will add more depth to a shape. If you are on the larger side, you can still go for patterned skirts but be aware the brighter the hue, the larger the focus will be. So, as always, it depends what you want to accentuate and what you want to conceal.

The utility skirt

If you are very petite and in need of a more  fuller kind of look, then this type of skirt is for you. Look for lots of details including pockets and buttons on skirts to help give more bulk and definition where needed.

 Ok, so there’s a bit of a guide for you. As I mentioned earlier, nothing is set in stone re fashion, so do experiment within the skirt categories even if it doesn’t quite match your body shape features. What type of skirt is your favourite? As always, questions or comments are most welcome. Need help shopping for the perfect skirt? Then give me a call-maybe I could help!

In the meantime, happy styling!

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