Top 7 starter tips to wearing statement jewellery

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This week’s blog is on the topic of statement jewellery and all the pieces pictured here come from the amazing online site, The  Little , which I highly recommend checking out-it’s superb! Firstly what do we mean by ‘statement jewellery’? For the purpose of this blog, I’m defining it as ‘Any statement or standout piece, which could include necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings or earrings’. Now typically , statement jewellery tends to be very large pieces but in this blog, I am not limiting it to just that…just so that we are on the same page so to speak! Now, I come across many women in my line of work who are a little fearful of wearing  statement jewellery or some women who have pieces in their jewellery boxes but never get around to wearing them for one reason or another. So if either of these scenarios is you, , then this blog will hopefully inspire you to ‘go statement’ once again! Tips then-here we go :)

1.Use statement  jewellery to brighten up an ordinary outfit 

Now with statement jewellery, you don’t have to wear lots of it because it is exactly that, ‘statement’, so one standout piece will be enough. Statement jewellery is especially good if you have something in your wardrobe that needs jazzing up a bit-could be a shirt, dress, top, jeans…whatever. By having a statement piece of jewellery around your neck or on your arm, you’re cleverly detracting from the fact that your outfit is a little plain so it’s the perfect way to add a bit of interest! Great for days when you don’t want to make much effort but still want to look stylish!

2. Use  statement jewellery to show off your best body features

Got fantastic boobs? Then wear a big necklace to show them off! Got fantastic arms? Then go bold with a bracelet to focus the attention to that part of your body. Are you a pear body shape? (Bottom heavy ) Then why not wear a statement brooch to focus the eyeline to the upper body rather than the lower? Use statement jewellery to focus on your best features or alternatively , to take the focus away from the part of your body you most dislike.

Sterling statements

3. Use  statement jewellery to create a unique look 

Imagine you have a patterned top. Why not pair a patterned top with a patterned statement piece of jewellery, for example, the lovely bracelet below. Pattern on pattern is fine providing the clothing has similar tones in it so here I could highlight the green, gold or bronze via an outfit for example.

Tribal statements 2

4. Use statement jewellery to re-create different looks

By wearing the same piece of statement jewellery you could create so many different looks just with that one piece of accessory. Going back to the green and gold bracelet above, I could wear that with just black so that it stands out more for example. Alternatively, pattern on pattern as mentioned before  is good for an alternative look or wear just with jeans and a top to brighten up an everyday outfit. Experimenting here is the key-how many new looks can you create with just one item of jewellery? Go on, give it a try…I dare you!

5. Use statement jewellery to get out of the ‘all black’ syndrome

During my shopping consultations with clients, I come across a lot of women who admit that they live in black. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong in wearing this colour , you don’t ideally want to live in black , do you? So if you find you wear black a little too much, try wearing a statement necklace like the one pictured below to break up an all black ensemble. As you do this, you’ll be re-creating yet another different look once again and will be creating another little twist to your outfit!

Tribal statements

6. Wear statement earrings to put the attention onto the face and neck area

Want to shift the focus from your body to your face? Well, wearing statement earrings is a great way to do that. If you have a long, slender neck and/or a pretty hair style and/or stunning facial features, then why not shift the attention to that area? Now with all statement pieces of jewellery, you don’t want to go too big or too small in relation to your body features and size ( another blog topic at a later date! Note-If in doubt, middle of the road is a good happy medium until you gain more confidence). However ,wearing  something to get noticed is a fabulous way to move away from other less flattering parts of your body eg, a flabby tummy. The same applies to wearing a jazzy statement bag-it’s an effective way to put the attention to that area instead.

7. Use statement jewellery to layer an outfit

Now , by this I’m referring to one of two things. Firstly, it’s possible to wear more than one necklace but layered, especially if they are quite thin pieces. This helps to create shape, especially if you are a lady who has little curves and definition. Secondly, if you are not over-keen on really going bold with your statement jewellery, then layering under a cardigan or jacket is a good way to start, especially in the Winter time-Just a peek is often enough!

earthy statements

Ok, now this blog is just a starting block to wearing statement jewellery so it is a topic that will be developed further in a future blog. So, I’d love to hear from you. Do you like wearing statement jewellery? If so, what are your favourite pieces and how do you wear them? Questions or comments most welcome :)

Need help shopping for pieces? I’m just a phone call or an email away.

In the meantime, happy styling!

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