What everyone is saying about shoes to suit body features.

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Today’s post is a follow on from the one on comfortable shoes  in which  I’ll be looking at shoe strategies to accommodate your body features in order to create a more  svelte look.  So, what type of shoe will flatter you and which should you try to avoid?

1. Dark toned shoes

These will generally shorten your appearance so avoid dark shoes if you are particularly short. One  ’biggie’ to avoid is light clothes with dark shoes if you are short as this combination will make you look even shorter!

2. Nude toned shoes

These will generally have a lengthening effect on your legs, especially if the shoe tone is similar to your skin tone.

3. Open sandals

As a fair bit of skin is on show here, this style of shoe will lengthen your legs nicely.

4. Wedges

Good for making your legs look longer and as they have chunky heels, they’ll give you good balance when you walk. Ideal also if you have thick ankles or heavy calves.

5. Tapered toes

These along with oval toed shoes are most slimming.

6. Stilettos

There is no doubt about it that this type of shoe definitely makes you look taller and creates a good body shape, but make sure you really watch your posture in this types of shoe and try to limit how often you wear them, especially if you have a very petite frame.

7. T-straps

T straps can be very slimming depending on the tone (see point above) but be careful as they immediately focus attention on the feet and if you have wide feet for example, this is not really where you want the focus to be.

8. Mid-calf boots

These can look very stylish but they are a style to avoid if you have thick ankles or calves as they’ll target your thickest part of the leg, which is not what you want to emphasise.

9. Shoe vamp

This refers to the front  or top part of the shoe and can either be low or high. The lower the vamp, the longer and leaner your legs will look. A high vamp tends to make your legs look  a lot shorter.

10. Chunky platforms

These will work better if you’re taller- not the best style if you are very short as they will over-whelm you and actually make you look even shorter than you actually are.

Ok, hopefully that’s given  you a bit of a guide as to the types of shoe to shop for depending on your body features. This is a huge area so I will be re-visiting this area again sometime soon. Lots more to write about yet! Need help in this area?-why not book a shopping consultation with me? I’d be more than happy to help you out!

In the meantime-happy styling!

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